Why Black Women Must Uplift the Black Man

Let me begin by saying that everything feeds off of FEMININE ENERGY.

Our ancestors knew this, which is why they didn’t have a problem with a black woman leading their military, states, or being the first concept of God.

Everything is birth from a female, and thus men are energized by feminine energy.  

When we are in our full feminine state, then men can be the warriors and protectors they are created to be.

According to Alexander Dumas, the black man’s mind is elevated to the status of the women with whom he associates.

So, if she is stripped of her Earth Queen recognition, and instead have been socialized to be something other than what she truly is, then the man’s mind and consequent behaviors won’t change.

When the black woman is lost and confused, so is the black man AND their children.

We as black women can begin the process of uplifting our men by first uplifting ourselves.  We must heal ourselves before we can heal our families, communities, and humanity.

The point of power lies within you.  When we see ourselves as the Queens that we are, our behaviors and what we accept as women change.  And because we are connected energetically, when you shift in your consciousness, so does the black man.

How are we able to be the backbone of our families and culture if we hate and disrespect ourselves?

As work to rebuild our nation, we need our black men to be the warriors and protectors of our institutions and structures.  They can only do this if we elevate our status in our own minds, and live our lives based on that status.

In the Willie Lynch letter, it is clear that our oppressors studied us, and well I might add.  They saw that the black woman was dependent on the black man to protect her.

They saw the strength of the African family and knew that in order to gain control of the black family, they had to destroy the image of the protective, black male that is wired to provide for his woman and his family.

Some black men, no matter what you do may never get it.  However, there are men in the world who want to be, in the truest sense of the word, a man.

But when you have men in your life that are not treating you well, ask yourself, “How am I showing up?” 

“Do I believe I’m worthy of this treatment?”

“Do I believe I’m just a sex machine and all I am is a ‘good body’?

“Do I respect myself?”  “Do I know what it means to be a Queen?”

“What does it mean to honor and value myself?”

As you release the lies and stories that you have internalized about yourself that are not true, you will be able to step more fully into your Queen energy.

That’s when you attract Kings, or transform the men in your life to want to be Kings.  And when you get a King, recognize your ability to energize him and keep him moving forward, especially in the face of adversity.

Recognize his ability to protect and provide for you.  Support his dreams, especially if he’s working for a better life.

If he wants to be an entrepreneur, support him, because he’s trying to create your ticker to liberation from an oppressive economic, political, and social system.

Love and respect yourself so you can love and respect him.  Respect him so he can be the man you need him to be.  We need each other.  Our children need us, our communities need us, and humanity needs us.

To your empowerment and liberation,





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