Why Black Women Must Create their Own Power to Transcend Racism

After years of being told that integration was the best thing that happened to the black community, I now realized I’ve been lied to, all in the name of white supremacy racism.

Before integration, even though there may have not been many resources to take advantage of, we had our own schools.  We even had our own businesses and institutions.  We took care of each other in our communities; we had a collective mindset.  

After integration, we get access to resources that we’ve been denied in America, but it comes with racial hatred, racist socialization, and the downfall of black owned businesses, schools, and other institutions.

Instead  of focusing on building what we had, we gave it all up to take what appeared to be the easier and better road to freedom and empowerment.

After integration, our children/brothers/sisters are still being killed in the streets for no reason.  There is still institutionalized and systemic racism, and we are still being punished for speaking up to bosses and superiors.

Integration served, in many ways, to cripple us and keep us dependent upon our oppressors for access and opportunity.

To gain white acceptance means to accept what they believe about you and black people as a whole, which kills black self-love, self-worth, sovereignty, and empowerment.

To understand why we should focus on building our own power is to understand what racism really is.

Racism is a system that supports white supremacy with the purpose of white genetic survival.

Their perceived superiority and survival is dependent upon our false sense of inferiority and weakness.  

In their minds, to empower us will lead to their demise.  So, can we be truly integrated into a system that want to destroy us and see to our annihilation?

To seek white acceptance and entrance into their institutions reflects the level of confidence, self-hate and disrespect we have for ourselves.

When you understand white supremacy and its supporters, you will begin to understand the resistance to change from the white population who supports this system.

Dr. Amos Wilson says that the European is in a large sense our creation.  They can only have what they have unless we are what we are.  

In other words, if we keep conditioning ourselves to go to college and get a good job to work at corporations that don’t want us there in there in the first place; where we have to slave and acquiesce to stay “Just Over Broke” instead of creating and growing businesses; if we keep seeing ourselves as the beast of burden, cash cows, and mules of the world that have to be there for everyone else first before ourselves, then the system of racism is here to stay.

We are the batteries that power the program of racism.

He goes onto say that we can better appeal to dismantling racism by transforming ourselves and our mindsets.  When we change, they will change.

Even though it may be simple, it won’t be easy.  Who want to give up a system that allows them to benefit greatly from it?

To transcend this system, one of the things we have to do is build our own power.  We have to begin by building our personal foundation so we can build businesses and legacies that our children can benefit from.

If you have kids, stop sending them to schools where they are learning bullshit history and are probably being discriminated against.  Recognize that it’s your job to reach TRUE black history to your kids.

When we place our energy into building our power, and using that power to create wealth for our community, racism may not be able to stand so strongly.  We can take steps to neutralize it and bring justice back to this world.

This is a test.  We are playing a sophisticated and calculated game with vicious opponents.  Are you up for the challenge to leaving a legacy versus being annihilated?

I embolden and empower aspiring black women leaders build their “fempires” out of the bricks that’s been thrown at them.  I do this by helping them reclaim their power so they can have the courage and confidence to emancipate themselves from racist oppression and become the Queens they were meant to be.  If you are ready to walk in purpose and prosperity, apply for a complimentary Unlock your Royal Purpose Breakthrough Session by clicking here.  Only the serious need apply.


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