How Abuse from Racist Trauma Affects Your Voice and Our Legacy

Under the system of racism, past and present, we as black people have suffered many things, from which we can call out-right abuse.

From neglect trauma to physical trauma to emotional trauma, our ancestors experienced it, and now much of our personal pain and traumas have their roots in the unhealed trauma of past enslavement.

Add that to police brutality, systemic and institutionalized racism, the wealth gap, wage gap (and the list goes on), we have a recipe for continued trauma re-enactment.

However, one of the hidden reasons trauma is re-enacted is because of our way of being in the world when it comes to using our voice.

During slavery and subsequent periods of Black Codes and Jim Crow, our ancestors learned that their livelihood and well-being were dependent upon not speaking up for themselves or loved ones.

Speaking up usually led to rape, beatings, brutality, starvation, humiliation, and death.  Abuse, abuse, abuse.

Abuse forced them to give up their power, voice, and safety.

Abuse was ONE of the many ways racist slave owners were able to build and maintain their power over enslaved Africans.

Abuse is about power.  More specifically, power over.  It instills fear in the victim, and the victim learns to be at the mercy of their abuser in order to feel safe.

However, this pattern of playing it safe, giving up voice, power, and safety continues into adulthood.  After “emancipation”, our ancestors still weren’t able to fully embrace how to speak up for themselves, set boundaries, and protect themselves from abusers (without risking their lives and livelihood).  They continued to suffer in silence.

In order to protect their children from being harmed, killed, and brutalized, they passed down these same behaviors to them.  These behaviors continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

As a result, many of us personally and globally, struggle with issues of personal power- feeling in control and command of our destiny and transcend suffering.

Why is it important to gain confidence and courage around using your voice?  Because your voice, when used assertively and in a skillful way, is stronger than marching or violent protests.

We have been shown over and over that the re-building of our culture and nation is OUR responsibility.  It’s time to stop looking outside of ourselves and waiting for someone to come and save us.  WE ARE THE ANSWER!

Now, more than ever, we need black people, true black leaders, speaking up and championing our liberation, freedom, and empowerment.

We need warriors who are determined to neutralize the system of racism and create a better future for ourselves and our descendants.

We need people who want to see change, and know they are the answer to that change.

We need people who know their agenda, our agenda, have a sense of purpose, and know their place in this world so they won’t be easily exploited by racism.

I believe there is hope.  We may not see the dismantling of racism in this generation, but we can definitely plant the seeds so that our children and their children can do so.

Queens leave a legacy for their children’s children.  Are you ready to reclaim your power and authority so you open the floodgates to prosperity, empowerment, and influence?  If this is you, then click here to apply for a complimentary Unlock Your Royal Purpose Breakthrough Session.  Only the serious need apply.


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