The Best Way to Fight is to Speak Your Truth



You are here to live, speak, and lead with your truth.  You are here to stand for injustice, stand for your beliefs, and enjoy prosperity in every arena of your life.

However, do you have a fear of speaking your truth because:

  • you’re afraid of being judged, rejected, and ridiculed?
  • you’re afraid of being labeled as the “angry black woman”?
  • you think that what you do to make the world a better place won’t matter

If any of these fears resonate with you, just know that they are the obstacles that are keeping you away from your Queendom.

Like me, you probably have been taught to be the “good girl”.  Don’t make a fuss, do what you’re told and you’ll go far.

Or, like me, you’ve been told that the world will get worse and worse, and to sit back and wait on a Savior to come save you from the world.

The truth is, no one can save you but yourself.  And honestly, you have to make waves to shake the status quo and bring positive change into the world.

This type of work, speaking your truth, many times requires you to be the “angry black woman”.  Because while anger is the catalyst, love is the reason behind it.

What does it mean to speak your truth?

Women are natural wisdom teachers.  We use our voices to transmit our knowledge and ideas.

When we have no voice, we lose our sense of self-worth and empowerment.

To speak your truth means to tell your story, and as black women in America who are descendants of the African Holocaust, we definitely have stories to tell.

We have stories of struggle and triumph.  We have a unique wisdom that can be applied to many situations in business, marketing, finance, personal growth, spirituality, and more.

Many of us have stories on how to deal with racist and sexist oppression, especially helping others to heal who have internalized the oppression.

So telling your story, and then turning your story into a lesson that inspire others to heal, prosper, and succeed, is social change.  It’s positive change.

And when you tell your story, you shine a light on bullshit.

You shine a light on injustice, wrongs, and hateful situations.  And when it’s a lot of us doing it together, those behaviors become harder to sustain.

You have been given the power to bring Heaven on Earth.  That’s how powerful you are.  When you don’t speak your truth, yourself, people, and the Earth continues to suffer.

It’s time, step up.  I want to support you.


So, if you are still afraid of speaking your truth, owning your past, and talking about your injustices, then I want to help you to heal and transcend your learned helplessness.

I am here to help you as you discover the process of reclaiming your crown of personal power and become the powerhouse Queen Leader you are meant to be as you use your voice and share YOUR message to heal yourself and transform your life.

Personal coaching is the quickest way to achieve the transformation you want to see in yourself and your life.

These spaces are limited and are for the Queens who are serious about achieving their greatest vision for their life, work, and the world.

If you’re ready to become the Queen of your life, ready to create the changes you want, stand in your power and live your life on YOUR terms, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Unlock Your Royal Purpose Breakthrough Session.

The purpose of the application is to see if we are a good match, and how I can help you achieve impact, influence, and happiness that you desire in your life.

Apply for a complimentary Unlock your Royal Purpose Breakthrough Session by applying at:






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